P&C Tips On How To Beat The Winter Blues

Happy Wednesday!

Luckily, we’ve been spoiled with the mild winter weather and that usually translates {for me, anyways} into a better attitude and less chance of developing the winter blues. In saying this, let’s not kid ourselves, we do live in Toronto and we are bound to get graced with winter’s presence eventually. In knowing that I am prone to the winter blues, I have been getting a little bit wiser every year with strategically planning damage control activities for the months of January and February.
Here are a few of my best strategies for staying healthy, motivated and still excitedly passionate during the winter months:
Create A Spa-At-Home Experience
Turn your Sunday night into a spa-at-home experience. This doesn’t need to be fancy, but it has to feel like you are pampering yourself. Here are some ideas that I love to do:
* Steam your face over a French oven or large pot of hot water infused with lavender {oil or dried}, rosemary {fresh or dried} or chamomile flowers. Cover your head with a towel and breath in the steam for 15-20 mins! Follow with an amazing {nutrient-rich} moisturizer.
*After a shower, put on a hair or face mask and while it works its magic, paint your toenails a sweet and bright colour to help lift your mood!
Drink Up
If you thought you were drinking enough water before, double it. Honestly, {filtered} water is so pure and healthy and my favorite way to drink it is by adding citrus zest/juice. Citrus fruit {especially the zest} is very refreshing and also said to help get rid of toxins in your body. I love to buy lemons, limes and grapefruit every week {preferably organic, if you are going to leave the skin on} and cut up slices to throw into my San Pellegrino {my favorite!}
Nourish with Green Tea
Try replacing your afternoon latté with a cup of green tea. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with David’s Tea, which is conveniently located in the downtown core near my office. Green tea, in particular, is wonderfully healthy for you, filled with antioxidants and too many health benefits to count. It’s a great way to nourish your body from the inside and help detox. My new favorite one to try is the Organic Splash with sea lettuce {don’t cheat by adding a lot of sugar!} or my go to flavours: Organic Super Chocolate and Organic Green Seduction!
Socialize Your Calendar
Even if you don’t really feel like going out and you’d much rather curl up on your couch and eat HäagenDazs every night until pink peonies start to bloom {this happens to me sometimes ;)}, force yourself to get up and get out! I always try to pack the months of January and February with as many social events that my schedule can handle, but now that I am also doing my Masters, I need to find a perfect balance. So far, I have spa sessions {Silvery Blue Butterfly}, movie dates, dinner dates, a floral workshop {Pistil Floral Boutique}, lighting and décor appointments for my big move in April and study sessions at Starbucks {one of my happy places!} all booked in. This strategy ensures that you always have something exciting to look forward to, even when you have the winter blues!
Love is always in the details, so no matter how big or how small, if it excites you and makes you happy, it’s always worth it!
{Image Compliments Of: Pinterest}
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