Weekend Roundup: Hot Stone Massage, Strawberry Jalapeño Jam & BFF Love

Hello! Well, I had another spectacular weekend made even better with amazing home cooked meals, quality time with people I absolutely adore, a spa session at Silvery Blue Butterfly {a must try spa experience!} with my fabulous girlfriend, and a sweet and always necessary gossip session with my BFF over creamy lattés, on a beautiful and sunny Sunday afternoon. It was perfection and worth every minute, even though my laundry pile grew higher and my weekend cleaning duties got neglected! {Thank you hubby for cleaning up my mess this weekend! I owe you Tiramisu ;)}
It’s definitely hard to pick just one thing that made me the happiest this weekend, but one thing that definitely satisfied my foodie heart was the Saturday night home cooked meal I had the pleasure of indulging in, complete with overflowing bowls of penne à la vodka, creamy brie cheese dressed with strawberry jalapeño jam {simply divine!}, red velvet cupcakes and 3 perfect hosts {Noah, you have my heart!}. If there’s anything I love, it’s a great home cooked meal someone prepares especially for you! It was so amazing!
Hope your weekend was one to remember {there’s only 1 weekend left in January!}!

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3 Responses to Weekend Roundup: Hot Stone Massage, Strawberry Jalapeño Jam & BFF Love

  1. Botsie says:

    We made the cut!! 😉 xoxoxo Love you cousin!

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