Décor Inspiration: Small Space Glamour

My husband and I are moving into a new place in the spring and recently we’ve been exploring décor options. This past weekend my glamorous crystal chandelier adorned with an organza shade finally arrived {Prima Lighting} and I was ecstatic to pick it up. Unfortunately, it is now safely tucked away in my mother’s dining room until we make our move, but rest assured it will be one of the first pieces we put up when we get into our new condo. I believe that you always need something glamorous to dress up your space, no matter how big or how small your home may be. My only true tip is to always make your space reflect your personal style and remember you can still incorporate glam style to a practical and functional setting {you just need to be creative ;)}
Here are some great tips from House Beautiful for designing small spaces:
{Narrow Rooms; Statement PiecesContinuos ColorMultifunctional Furniture}
{My beautiful chandelier! We may not have a kitchen table yet, but we have the glamourous crystal accent, so we’ll survive ;)}
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