Small Spaces = Pretty Places

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a positively beautiful first week in March!
I won’t bore you with the details of my insanely crazy week, but the condo is now sold {after 4 days on the market}, my last paper for this course is well under way {and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel}, we are preparing for my husband’s surgery {poor baby!}, I am starting to pack and organize for our move in April, and shamefully, I have had no time to make any new recipes 😦
Luckily, spring is in the air, and one of the most exciting things about moving into our new place will be getting my very own closet! This past year and a half has certainly proved to be a space challenge, and especially for someone who adores pretty dresses and shoes as much as I do! Fortunately, I’ve learned to compromise {the secret to a happy marriage ;)}, but not without learning a few things along the way:
Invest in felt-lined hangers that are slim and help save space * Change out your clothes every season {and send them to your mom’s spacious closet until you need them again} * Add a wicker basket to the bottom of the closet to preserve your casual/workout outfits that don’t require hangers * Add/build-in shelving {if you can!} * Secretly steal some extra space from your hubby
If I’ve learned anything during my stay in our pretty and petite condo, it is truly that less is actually more! I am going to miss the small space, and as frustrating as it was to get adjusted to sharing a closet, you always make it work! Now, my closet is actually filled with all the clothes I love to wear instead of clothing that I really don’t wear that just takes up space.
Small spaces = pretty places!

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