Springing Forward: Back On Track {Sort Of!}

Hello, lovely blog world!

It’s been a while since we connected, and I have to say that the pretty spring weather and the promise of musings related to all things glamorous lured me back in {think pink peonies and spring themed cupcakes!}.
As I’ve always preached, life is often a chaotic and exciting journey of amazing experiences, but it’s ultimately how you learn and grow from those experiences that matter the most. Life often takes us away from our true passions, but somehow we always find our way back 😉 Do your best to make time for your passions—that’s my dose of wisdom for you today!
So, my husband’s knee surgery was a success, and now we are trying to get back to a normal routine. The big move is around the corner, but not before my next Master’s course, which started on Monday. Right now, I’m overwhelmed with tweets, RSS feeds, and Google Reader, but still really excited about this new learning opportunity {Course=Technology and Interaction}. I’m looking forward to gaining a lot of savvy and practical knowledge related to online communication {there’s always room to grow!}.
*Check out the course overview:
Focuses on identifying, gathering, analyzing, and reporting relevant information using tools like aggregators, Real Simple Syndication (RSS), social news, tagging engines, post-ranking, and bookmarking services. Explores issues related to the organization of information online. Examines the practices of aggregating, curating, and using social means to filter information on grounds of relevance or credibility. Addresses how online communication continues to develop, how people organize in online environments to communicate, and how organizations identify, sort, and filter information consistent with the technical systems that support communication.
Although, I’ve been ignoring my curator duties lately for Peonies & Cupcakes, I’ve still been secretly lusting over a few lovely things that recently caught my fashion/foodie ♥.
Here’s my dose of spring inspiration:

Pink Flamingo Tea {Spring Collection Available at David’s Tea}; Butter London Nail Lacquer {Available at Holt Renfrew}; Giada’s Daily Bite {New iPhone & iPad Application}; Holt Renfrew Women’s Spring Guide 2012
Have a beautiful spring day!
{Image 1 Compliments Of: Pinterest}
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