Lazy Sunday!

I hope you had a luxuriously languid weekend!
Finally, I am getting over a sinus infection that has plagued me for the past week. Today, I finally got my taste buds back, so I decided to reconnect with what I’ve been missing this past week and indulged in the most luxurious Dufflet Devils Raspberry Cupcake {yum!}. Let me also mention that my morning started with a trip to Pusateri’s with a stop to The Bagel House where I had the most heavenly Montreal style bagel for breakfast {sorry NYC, but these bagels rock!}. Let’s just say, my foodie heart and palate were both very pleased!
Today, was all about manifesto writing, sun-drenched musings on the patio, an energizing power walk, and an exciting chance {finally!} to read Gail Simmons’ new book, all while basking in the spring sunshine. It was a lovely Sunday, and the perfect way to rejuvenate for what’s sure to be another exciting week of events. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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Fitness Inspiration: Tracy Anderson’s Mini-Trampoline Workout

Happy Friday!
Honestly, who said working out can’t be fun? This new workout DVD from the lovely Tracy Anderson makes me nostalgic for the days when I was a kid bouncing around on my aunt’s trampoline in her backyard {fun times!}. Come to think of it, it was a great cardio workout! I love Tracy’s enviable and infectious attitude towards getting fit, but I really love her innovative style to staying sleek and sexy!

{Tracy Anderson Mini-Trampoline Workout}
I wish I had the space to entertain the idea of fitting a mini-trampoline in my condo, but we all know that’s not going to happen 😉 Please make me jealous by trying out Tracy’s new mini-trampoline {a.k.a reformer} and workout DVD, and let me know how you enjoy it!
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Springing Forward: Back On Track {Sort Of!}

Hello, lovely blog world!

It’s been a while since we connected, and I have to say that the pretty spring weather and the promise of musings related to all things glamorous lured me back in {think pink peonies and spring themed cupcakes!}.
As I’ve always preached, life is often a chaotic and exciting journey of amazing experiences, but it’s ultimately how you learn and grow from those experiences that matter the most. Life often takes us away from our true passions, but somehow we always find our way back 😉 Do your best to make time for your passions—that’s my dose of wisdom for you today!
So, my husband’s knee surgery was a success, and now we are trying to get back to a normal routine. The big move is around the corner, but not before my next Master’s course, which started on Monday. Right now, I’m overwhelmed with tweets, RSS feeds, and Google Reader, but still really excited about this new learning opportunity {Course=Technology and Interaction}. I’m looking forward to gaining a lot of savvy and practical knowledge related to online communication {there’s always room to grow!}.
*Check out the course overview:
Focuses on identifying, gathering, analyzing, and reporting relevant information using tools like aggregators, Real Simple Syndication (RSS), social news, tagging engines, post-ranking, and bookmarking services. Explores issues related to the organization of information online. Examines the practices of aggregating, curating, and using social means to filter information on grounds of relevance or credibility. Addresses how online communication continues to develop, how people organize in online environments to communicate, and how organizations identify, sort, and filter information consistent with the technical systems that support communication.
Although, I’ve been ignoring my curator duties lately for Peonies & Cupcakes, I’ve still been secretly lusting over a few lovely things that recently caught my fashion/foodie ♥.
Here’s my dose of spring inspiration:

Pink Flamingo Tea {Spring Collection Available at David’s Tea}; Butter London Nail Lacquer {Available at Holt Renfrew}; Giada’s Daily Bite {New iPhone & iPad Application}; Holt Renfrew Women’s Spring Guide 2012
Have a beautiful spring day!
{Image 1 Compliments Of: Pinterest}
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Small Spaces = Pretty Places

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a positively beautiful first week in March!
I won’t bore you with the details of my insanely crazy week, but the condo is now sold {after 4 days on the market}, my last paper for this course is well under way {and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel}, we are preparing for my husband’s surgery {poor baby!}, I am starting to pack and organize for our move in April, and shamefully, I have had no time to make any new recipes 😦
Luckily, spring is in the air, and one of the most exciting things about moving into our new place will be getting my very own closet! This past year and a half has certainly proved to be a space challenge, and especially for someone who adores pretty dresses and shoes as much as I do! Fortunately, I’ve learned to compromise {the secret to a happy marriage ;)}, but not without learning a few things along the way:
Invest in felt-lined hangers that are slim and help save space * Change out your clothes every season {and send them to your mom’s spacious closet until you need them again} * Add a wicker basket to the bottom of the closet to preserve your casual/workout outfits that don’t require hangers * Add/build-in shelving {if you can!} * Secretly steal some extra space from your hubby
If I’ve learned anything during my stay in our pretty and petite condo, it is truly that less is actually more! I am going to miss the small space, and as frustrating as it was to get adjusted to sharing a closet, you always make it work! Now, my closet is actually filled with all the clothes I love to wear instead of clothing that I really don’t wear that just takes up space.
Small spaces = pretty places!

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And The Fashion Oscar Goes To…

 Jennifer Lopez!
I was waiting for the moment on the red carpet when someone would take my breath away with their perfectly glamorous Oscar outfit, and Jennifer Lopez did it for me {love her!!!}! She was absolutely captivating in a plunging Art Deco-style Zuhair Murad gown, a mirrored Salvatore Ferragamo clutch, Jimmy Choo sandals, and the most glamorous and elegant makeup to tie it all together in a pretty and embellished Oscar bow!
Simply stunning!

 {Image Compliments Of: Red Carpet Fashion Awards}
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Sunday Night: The Oscars 2012

I hope your Sunday night consists of the perfect glass of wine paired with decadent gourmet snacks, while you indulge in this year’s star-studded affair: the 84th Annual Academy Awards. I will definitely set some time aside to lust over all the glamorous Oscar fashion! Enjoy!
{Audrey Hepburn as Best Actress at the 1954 Academy Awards for Roman Holiday}

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Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend!
{Exhausted, But Still Glamorous!}
I wish I had some exciting news to share with you for why I’ve been absent, but alas, all I have are memories of an insanely busy week that kicked my butt. It involved something along the lines of completing my second last research paper for my current course, putting my condo on the market and all the lovely inconveniences that comes with taking that on, and a constantly growing to-do list that I just can’t seem to tackle!
Needless to say, it’s been a long week and my only solace will be a weekend filled with a few glasses of vintage wine to help me de-stress, a manicure to help pick up my beauty ego off the floor {too many early mornings are wreaking havoc on my beauty routine}, a few {extra} mugs of creamy lattés to energize me for the long hours ahead of {hopefully} crafting an ingenious final paper sure to astonish and impress my professor {yeah right ;)}, a {surprise} birthday soirée, and somewhere in between all this madness, I am intrigued by and longing to read Talking with My Mouth Full: My Life as a Professional Eater by Gail Simmons {looks like a book that’s right up my passion alley}.
Let’s hope I survive the next few weeks!
{Available at Chapters}
{Images Compliments Of: Pinterest & Amazon}
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Beauty Inspiration: Shades of Pink!

Thank goodness for weekends to give you the perfect reason to do some pre-spring cleaning, which usually involves a complete inventory of all my pretty lipstick tubes and finding the perfectly pouty and sultry pink shade to start wearing for the upcoming spring season!
Here’s some pink lipstick inspiration to get you ready for the new season!1. Revlon in Gentlemen Prefer Pink 2. NARS in Roman Holiday 3. CoverGirl in Hot Pink Shine 4. MAC in Saint Germain 5. YSL in Pink Mauve 6. Nicki Minaj for MAC in Pink Friday 7. Chanel in Rose Comete 8. Estee Lauder in Pink Champagne 9. Givenchy in Secret Pink 10. Dior in Singuliere
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Wine Inspiration: Dry Creek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2007

One of my gifts from Valentine’s Day was a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon {along with a decadent box of Godiva truffles!}. My husband is the best at picking hidden gem Cabernets for special occasions and this Valentine’s Day was a perfect example of just that. Dry Creek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 is a lovely and perfectly balanced Cab with raspberry, chocolate, and black cherry notes that truly created a silky tannin experience with a gorgeous lingering finish. It’s not often that I find a Cabernet that I adore this much and that I lovingly savour with so much enthusiasm and delight. What can I say, I adore a great glass of Cabernet and when I find an irresistible one, I am in love!
Hope your Sunday night involves a great glass of wine, a lovely meal and the perfect companion(s)!

{Dry Creek Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon {LCBO}; Stemless Wine Glass {Crate & Barrel}; Pink Sangria 3-Wick Candle {Bath and Body Works}}
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Runway Inspiration: Rachel Zoe Fall 2012, New York

{Complete Collection}
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