Monday Love + More Lace!

It was another wonderful weekend that included dancing in my sequins encrusted cocktail dress at a Yacht Club for a beautiful wedding reception, indulging in wine & wedding cake lovingly enrobed in decadent chocolate fondant, long leisurely walks to the farmer’s market, and a few more bites of homemade strawberry donuts & sips of creamy lattés {I can’t help myself!}.  Even after such a beautiful weekend, believe it or not, I ♥ Mondays!  They give you a chance to start fresh & can be filled with so much promise & excitement for a fabulous week ahead!

As you can see, I am still lusting over frilly, little lace accents & I am obsessed with how alluring just a hint of lace can be to your overall look!  I’ll be adding it to the *MUST HAVE NOW* list 😉
It’s going to be another busy summer week where I’ll be fervently checking things off my ever-growing to do list while I indulge in French Press coffee during my early morning commute watching the sun rise.  Most importantly, I’ll be preparing my suitcase for my long-awaited summer vacation {can’t wait a second longer!}!  If all else fails, you’ll definitely find me on my balcony star-gazing with a glass of wine & daydreaming of my soon-to-be Mediterranean getaway.
♥ Whatever your idea of a perfectly beautiful week is, I hope you make it happen!
{Images: 1, 2, 4 Pinterest; 3 & 5 We Heart It}
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One Response to Monday Love + More Lace!

  1. Shelly says:

    Lace is great textured accessory, for any body type.

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